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Residential Irrigation

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Give us a call to see how we can help with the following:

Irrigation System Install
We will come out to your property take measurements, show you the different products that will best fit your yard. Send you a quote and get you on our schedule. We will contact our licened plumber and have him come out and install a backflow. Once that is done we will follow behind and install your new system. Installs usally take 1 day.

Spring Activation
Our technician will pressurize all lines, check zones/heads for operation, and adjust heads. We will repair broken heads or leaks that are found. If you would like improvements in areas where plants have grown and matured, we will provide an assessment and make recommendations for improvements.

Winters are tough in Minnesota, winterizing your sprinkler systems to protect from freeze damage is an absolute must. Our technician will hook an air compressor up to the system, and run through each zone with air, blowing out the water. All drains will be left open.

We recommend yearly activation in the spring and winterization in the fall to ensure your system’s optimum performance.

Our system or a system previously installed by someone else... we can keep your system watering efficiently and repair it if it fails. From replacing broken sprinkler heads to repairing burst pipes, we can fix or replace most brands of existing equipment.
Thank you for getting out so quick to fix the holes in my lines so quick.
— Kristen Schmidt 

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